It should be no surprise to anyone living in Central Oregon that their home is technically a desert. The naturally brown and arid landscape of the region often seems as if it’s begging for water, which is why water features are so sought after by landowners in the area. The benefits of constructing a water feature don’t stop at its ability to spritz up a landscape, though. Water features pack in numerous other benefits that not only transform a landscape, but the well-being of those around it. Below is a list of our favorite reasons why you should include a water feature in your landscape.

Less noise pollution

Central Oregon is growing and it’s growing fast. A symptom of the region’s endless growth is greater noise pollution and with it, less quiet. After stressful days and long shifts at work, the last thing you want is to come home and relax, only to be interrupted by the noises of traffic and neighbors. Water features provide a solution by absorbing this noise pollution and providing their own soothing sound. This can make time spent in your landscape more enjoyable and provide you with an escape from life outside your landscape.

Improved personal health

Recent studies have shown something miraculous: time spent near a source of water has a positive and soothing effect on peoples’ minds. Negative ions, which are known to play an important part in reducing stress, are actually emitted by flowing water! If that wasn’t enough, the sound of flowing water has also been shown to have a calming effect on peoples’ minds which translates to an overall improvement in physical and mental health. Water features don’t just make your landscape healthier, they make YOU healthier.

Increase property value

 While there might be other ways to boost your property’s value in a way that better fits your needs, water features are a tried and true way to increase how much your property is worth. Sure, you could go with installing a pool or hot tub with elaborate water systems that require painstaking upkeep. But why not go with something that requires a simple system, which means less time and effort to install, if it can also increase the value of your property?

With these three benefits of installing a water feature, not to mention the advantages we didn’t cover, there isn’t much getting in the way between you and a fantastic upgrade to your landscape. Install a water feature today and reap the benefits for the years to come.