For more than three decades William DeBilzan has created commissioned paintings and sculptures for corporate, private, and public clientele.  Employing a method that he’s perfected, DeBilzan works closely with the client to ensure complete satisfaction with the finished painting or sculpture.  In addition to being able to combine their favorite elements from DeBilzan’s oeuvre into a commissioned work, clients find the process of collaborating directly with the artist a memorable experience.


DeBilzan’s artwork transforms the corporate environment, adding a dynamic, uplifting energy.  Having worked with several major corporations, including Raytheon, Marriott, and MGM Resorts International, the artist pays meticulous attention to detail, delivering paintings and sculpture on time and within budget.  Of note, the well-organized commission DeBilzan completed for the Marriott Central Park in New York boasts 2,900 sq. ft. of site-specific artwork, including floor-to-ceiling murals on 3 floors, 6 sculptures, and 17 paintings throughout restaurants, conference rooms, and common areas.



DeBilzan has completed several hundred commissioned artworks for private clients over his career.  The artist ensures complete satisfaction with the finished painting or sculpture.  Once the dimensions are established, DeBilzan works directly with the client to understand their preferences before creating an original, personalized work of art.  Clients regularly comment on how much they love the process of collaborating with DeBilzan, an experience that enhances the connection with their commissioned painting or sculpture.


The universal appeal and easy accessibility of DeBilzan’s artwork makes it ideal for public spaces.  Having completed large-scale works for several municipalities, the artist finds tremendous fulfillment in creating art for public view.  With an incomparable work ethic and passion for excellence, DeBilzan always ensures that his work exceeds expectations.