The paintings in William DeBilzan’s UNITED WE STAND series send an urgently needed message: we must unite as one to triumph over the threats facing our country and livelihoods.

The artist asks us to reflect on the underlying causes of the division that has become omnipresent in recent months. DeBilzan invites us to unite around the founding principles of our country and awaken to the unprecedented level of manipulation and suppression around us. DeBilzan firmly believes that the COVID-19 pandemic offers us an opportunity to stand united in support of an American future that holds true the founding principles of our great nation.

The patriotic ballad The Liberty Song, written in 1768 on the eve of the American Revolution, introduced the verse “Join hand in hand, brave Americans all! By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall.” That message – “united we stand, divided we fall” – would guide Americans through many challenging times that lay ahead, gaining prominence during the Civil War, World War II, and the aftermath of 9/11. By incorporating this message along with the American flag in his paintings, DeBilzan skillfully reminds us of this history as we face new threats to our freedom.

The paintings in the UNITED WE STAND series are intentionally non-political, a point that DeBilzan emphasizes so as not to drive further hatred and division. Instead, the artist describes his paintings as “patriotic and pro-American, in the sense that we as Americans need to set politics aside and join together as one nation.”

 The UNITED WE STAND series inspires us to unite together to overcome the obstacles obstructing our path forward. The paintings are a rallying cry for a return to the most fundamental of American beliefs: by working together as one we will triumph over any threat to our life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness. United we stand.

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