Designer Cosmetic Bags

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Great fashion accessories serve function and style!

Designer cosmetic bags meet art, style and purpose!

My cosmetic bag is something I use everyday, like a phone, and, of course my mirror. My favorite purse accessory is not everyone’s, and I get that, but if I’m without my cosmetic bag I tend to panic.

Typically used for storing compacts and brushes and everything messy, cleaning the interior of a cosmetic bag is essential to longevity and clean fingers. I use Jojoba oil to clean mine. Jojoba oil is a fungicide and works well controlling mildew and cleaning makeup mess.

Some women use cosmetic bags for carrying gloss and lipstick, mirrors, tissues, and so forth, and in some cases as jewelry pouches. I’ve heard fashion forward moms using cosmetic bags as first aid kits when they have a lot of active kids around. Fast on the draw and a comfort on the minds of a hurt kid.

Cosmetic bags are time savers when it comes to swapping out purses. Organizing small items, packed to go, compliment this task quickly.

Designer cosmetic bags, such as the DeBilzan-Hernandez Almalfi Coast, will last a lifetime tucked inside the protection of a purse, indulging decades of elegant function.

DeBilzan Fashion offers designer cosmetic bags in two sizes. Small bags are 6″ x 3″x 2″, with our medium bags slightly larger at 9”×4”x3”.

Cosmetic bags come in a variety of sizes, colors and styles. Just be sure to choose the right one to suite your needs.

If you’re shopping online, most websites provide accurate product dimensions. But it’s a good idea to measure your old bag for comparison to assure your purchasing the right size.

Some women prefer to shop retail outlets to satisfy that very personal touch and feel necessity. There’s a lot of shopping power in knowing for certain what you’re purchasing. We’ve all experienced the horror of a purchase gone wrong. DeBilzan-Hernandez Designer Cosmetic Bags are available in person at DeBilzan Gallery in Delray Beach Florida (561) 266-2090, and Laguna Beach California (949) 715-0405.

On the flipside, most can attest to the convenience qualities of shopping online for designer cosmetic bags, with your package arriving at your doorstep the next day.

Whatever your preference adding a pop of color and style to the interior of your handbag is not for others to swoon over, but for personal pleasure. I find my cute cosmetic bag brightens my day if I’m feeling blue.

With a full line of designer cosmetic bags covering a wide range of styles and original art from DeBilzan’s prolific works, no two bags are alike. View our full line of DeBilzan-Hernandez Handbags.

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