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DeBilzan’s abstract landscapes and figurative paintings are grounded on a foundation of letters and symbols, adding to the eclectic influences of the Bay Area Expressionists. They evoke calmness and serenity, as well as an escape to a world created through the expressionist’s eyes.

DeBilzan’s abstract compositions spill over into his sculptures, where brightly clothed figures in metal appear to have stepped off his canvas. The elongated abstract figures often 0stand against a bold background of saturated color. His use of black outline emboldens and highlights the bright primary and secondary palette of his shadow-less world. The abstract figurative elements convey the simplicity of life while the posture, slight tilt of a head and arrangement of an arm elicits deep emotional reflection.

Though free of specific detail, DeBilzan’s figurative work evokes a sense of recognition either of people or places traveled. His faceless figures with obscure origin take on a personality of their own through stance and gesture. They invite observers to step into the paintings and become part of DeBilzan’s story.

Main Content

After a couple years of people asking me what is the meaning, what inspires me, what is the graffiti about, etc., etc., I started looking for answers as I didn’t have anything that I understood myself.

DeBilzan’s creative process is purely intuitive

I have always painted without thinking about what to paint. I let a painting develop as I paint. I begin to play with color and then let it happen. Sometimes a painting will have many different layers of color and different colors on top of each other to get what works for me. In the end it needs to have a balance of color that is pleasing to the eye.

The elongated figures are a dominant part of DeBilzan’s paintings

I found out early in my painting career the importance of white in a painting. That is why the shirts on my figures are always white.

I soon noticed my figures represented a relationship. Often times, there is a heart next to the figures with a XOXO. I then noticed sometimes there were many figures and sometimes only 1 figure. The single figures had a feeling of being alone, sad and lonely, isolated. During much of my career I have been single and I began relating my own life and experiences with my paintings. Soon that became the message I was looking for. Now when asked I have an answer that makes sense to me.

Multiple series emerged from DeBilzan’s figurative compositions, reflective of the artist’s life experience

From the Landscape Series which has shack like houses often found on the islands of the Caribbean where I love most to travel, to the Romance Series, where I have found myself in search of love, to the Alone Series which I have experienced many times in my life to a series where I am surrounded by friends which is called the Friendship Series. I then realized that many people go through these times in life and can relate to what my message may be.

A Personal Connection

Throughout the years, I have completed at least 500 commission pieces, and over 95% of those pieces are personalized where the painting represents their family or a loved one, most of the time a man and a wife with their children and even their dog. The personalized painting is one they will keep forever and pass it down to their own children and their children’s children. It often times becomes their favorite piece in their collection that is treasured most.

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